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The International Fair of Mining,

Power Industry and Metallurgy


29.08 - 01.09 2017 






str. Huta Rozalii 22
41-400 Myslowice

Phone+48 32 316 40 34
Phone/fax. +48 32 225 96 32

e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




 Driving directions



Intrinsically safe emergency switch type IWA-E version IWA-xEB addition to fulfilling the functions described above IWA-xE has an additional built-in safety switch knob, which consists of a mushroom and the mechanism of its launch. Pressing the valve device moves into a state of emergency stop. The off-state LED indicator signals.


Intrinsically safe emergency switch type IWA-E version IWA-xeB are produced in the following versions:

• IWA-1EB -equipped with PG cable glands 16 arranged in the side walls, allowing supply cables with an outer diameter up to 14 mm.

IWA-2EB - equipped with culverts in the top wall to connect to a handsfree device.

IWA-3EB -equipped with PG cable glands 21 placed in the bottom wall to allow supply cables with an outer diameter of 18 mm.



Housing switches has a cuboid shape and is made of plastic -poliamidu, tinted blue. The interior of the housing is divided into two chambers. In the back tension free chamber is placed locking mechanism and unlock switch, filled with special grease. Inside the chamber's front mounting plate with three or four microswitches unstable with change-over contacts and one micro unstable with normally open and a 14- assembly line.
On the outside of the enclosure are derived:

 right and left tie locking mechanism

 mushroom knob to unlock and turn on and off the emergency "EMERGENCY"

 button to transmit the signal can speak

 two cable entries

Switches are designed to be attached by screws 10 to the structure M of the conveyor.


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